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    Panama Store Directory - Metro Mall

    Metro Mall

    The metro mall is one of the favorite Commercial Centers of tourists and Panameños. This mall is about 150 thousand square meters (big!) and offers over 260 branded stores, plenty of restaurants, pharmacies, banks, and a cinema.

    The mall is located only 15 minutes from Tocumen International Airport and is easily accessible by taxi, public transportation, or car.

    Do you have the Panama Shopping Card with you yet? Read further and receive plenty of discounts and offers only available in Metro mall and Multiplaza Pacific Mall.


    Metro Mall Store Directory

    Stores open and close but we try to keep the Metro Mall Store directory up to date. 

    Local Shop Category
    A119 Via Vai Women Fashion
    A145 Estampa Women Fashion
    A151 Passarela Women Fashion
    A158 Joy Michelle Women Fashion
    B107 Vistimenta Women Fashion
    B108 Studio F Women Fashion
    B109 DDP Women Fashion
    B116 Miss Lulu Women Fashion
    B138 Jonathan Z Women Fashion
    B139 Picara Women Fashion
    B141 Scape Women Fashion
    B142 For Mee Women Fashion
    B145 Missbella Women Fashion
    B155 Zingara Women Fashion
    B156 Gloss Women Fashion
    B157 Glam Women Fashion
    B161 Impacto Women Fashion
    B177 XOXO Women Fashion
    B188 Ellas Store Women Fashion
    A121 Multimax Technology & Music
    A124 Timevision Technology & Music
    A139 Panafoto Technology & Music
    A163 Camera Zone Technology & Music
    B103 El Machetazo Technology & Music
    B106 Audiofoto Technology & Music
    B115 Foto Sonido Technology & Music
    B132 Hometek Technology & Music
    B146 Game Master Technology & Music
    B190 Sony Style Technology & Music
    C107 Audiofoto Technology & Music
    C108 Estigames Technology & Music
    C111 Titan Technology & Music
    C142 E-Vision Technology & Music
    C171 C‡mara Express Technology & Music
    B114 Mobile Solutions Technology & Music
    B119 Saitek Technology & Music
    B195 Movicell Technology & Music
    C103 Metro M—vil Technology & Music
    C120 Master Phone Technology & Music
    C133 Smart Phone Technology & Music
    C134 Digicel Technology & Music
    C136 Cable & Wireless Technology & Music
    C137 Claro Technology & Music
    C141 Movistar Technology & Music
    C172 Tecnicell Technology & Music
    B103 El Machetazo Supermarkets
    a113 Running Sportswear
    a134 Boltio Store Sportswear
    a137 Lotto Sportswear
    a142 Super Deportes Sportswear
    a164 New Balance Sportswear
    a168 Puma Sportswear
    a174 Sportline America Sportswear
    B111 K-Swiss Sportswear
    B123 Sport Life Sportswear
    B158 Citadium Sportswear
    B164 Converse Sportswear
    B165 Adidas Sportswear
    B174-A Speedo Sportswear
    B175 Nike Sportswear
    B117/118 July Sport Center Sportswear
    A161 El Contendor Services & Miscellaneous
    A120 Felipe Motta Wine Store Services & Miscellaneous
    C154 El Asador Restaurants & Fastfood
    C155 Quiznos Restaurants & Fastfood
    C156 Taco Bell Restaurants & Fastfood
    C157 ChinaWok Restaurants & Fastfood
    C158 Leonardos Restaurants & Fastfood
    C159 Oishi Sushi Restaurants & Fastfood
    C160 Pizza Express Restaurants & Fastfood
    C161 Mr. Chen Restaurants & Fastfood
    C162 Taco Inn Restaurants & Fastfood
    C163 Cozi Restaurants & Fastfood
    C164 Noki's Restaurants & Fastfood
    C165 Asados Gaby Restaurants & Fastfood
    C166 Dominos Restaurants & Fastfood
    C167 La Parrillada De La Estancia Restaurants & Fastfood
    C168 La Felicidad Express Restaurants & Fastfood
    C169 Subway Restaurants & Fastfood
    A110 Bennigans Restaurants & Fastfood
    A111 Nikos CafŽ Restaurants & Fastfood
    A152 Duran Coffee Store Restaurants & Fastfood
    A176 Cinnabon Bakery CafŽ Restaurants & Fastfood
    A177 Caprese Restaurants & Fastfood
    B172 Dunkin Donuts / Baskin Robbins* Restaurants & Fastfood
    B121 Il Giro* Restaurants & Fastfood
    C113 Mc Donald's Restaurants & Fastfood
    C119 Le–os & Carb—n Restaurants & Fastfood
    C144 Wendy's Restaurants & Fastfood
    C145 Pescao y Lim—n Restaurants & Fastfood
    C146 Dolce Idea Restaurants & Fastfood
    C153 KFC Restaurants & Fastfood
    C170 Pizza Hut Restaurants & Fastfood
    A105 El Machetazo Restaurants & Fastfood
    K1-13 McDonald's Restaurants & Fastfood
    A104 Farmacias El Machetazo Pharmacy, Medical & Health
    C114 Fitlab Pharmacy, Medical & Health
    C118 GNC Pharmacy, Medical & Health
    C122 Top Fitness Pharmacy, Medical & Health
    A138 La Riviera Perfumes & Cosmetics
    A148 Felix BeautŽ Perfumes & Cosmetics
    A159 Ibiza Perfumes & Cosmetics
    B193 Paris Perfumes & Cosmetics
    C123 The Beauty Corner Perfumes & Cosmetics
    C132 Erboristeria Gema Perfumes & Cosmetics
    A117 Levis Women & Men Fashion
    A122 The Shop Women & Men Fashion
    A123 Galapago Women & Men Fashion
    A123 Xpress Women & Men Fashion
    A126 For Men & Women Women & Men Fashion
    A129 Beverly Hills Polo Club Women & Men Fashion
    A143 Guayaberas a La Medida Women & Men Fashion
    A153 Uptown Women & Men Fashion
    A165 Tommy Hilfiger Women & Men Fashion
    A166 Brooklun Store Women & Men Fashion
    A167 96 NY Women & Men Fashion
    A169 Flow Women & Men Fashion
    A170 US Polo Women & Men Fashion
    B124 Moose Women & Men Fashion
    B125 American Concept Women & Men Fashion
    B127 Confecciones Paname–as Women & Men Fashion
    B136 First Wave Women & Men Fashion
    B144 Calbin Klein Underwer Women & Men Fashion
    B148 Outdoors / Columbia Women & Men Fashion
    B154 Native Actin Sport Women & Men Fashion
    B166 Kenneth Cole Women & Men Fashion
    B167 Mother Care * Women & Men Fashion
    B169 Perry Ellis Women & Men Fashion
    B174 Lacoste Women & Men Fashion
    B180 Calvin Klein Jeans Women & Men Fashion
    C105 Darkstage Women & Men Fashion
    B133 Izod Men Fashion
    B150 Barons Casual Men Fashion
    B179 Oscar de la Renta Men Fashion
    B181 Nautica Men Fashion
    B189 Adams Men Fashion
    B192 Barons Men Fashion
    Lencer’a   Lingerie
    B163 La Senza Lingerie
    B178 Lovable Lingerie
    B160 Women's Secret Lingerie
    A107 Econo îptica Lenses & Optics
    A144 SolŽ Lenses & Optics
    B147 Sea & Sun Lenses & Optics
    k0-02 Smart Phone Kiosks
    K0-04 Fix & Fast Kiosks
    K0-05 Fias Beauty Kiosks
    K1-06 Movistar Kiosks
    K0-07 Dogtique Kiosks
    K0-10 Cable & Wireless Kiosks
    K0-11 Super Juegos Kiosks
    K0-12 Para’so Paname–o Kiosks
    K0-12-1 Baby Boogies Kiosks
    K0-13 Candy Factory Kiosks
    K0-14 Claro Kiosks
    K0-15 Bayside Brush Kiosks
    K0-16 Glamour Spot Kiosks
    K0-18 Real Time Kiosks
    K0-19 Coriolis Kiosks
    K0-20 Sonicel Kiosks
    K0-21 La Bisuterie Kiosks
    K0-27 Turista Internacional Kiosks
    K1-02 Invisble Shield Kiosks
    K1-04 Digicell BB Kiosks
    K1-07 Sole Express Kiosks
    K1-17 Copa Airlines Kiosks
    K1-20 Ego Collection Kiosks
    K1-22 Posh Kiosks
    K1-25 Fulanitos Kiosks
    K1-30 Claro Kiosks
    K2-10 Panama Games Kiosks
    K2-12-1 Candy Factory Kiosks
    K2-13 Sky Kiosks
    A130 Tommy Hilfiger Children Wear Kids
    A156 Circles Kids
    A162 Fox Kids & Babys Kids
    B176 EPK Kids
    A175 Felix Gamers Spot Kids
    B151 Imaginarium Kids
    A108 Kilates Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    A115 Silver Collection Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    A127 Fashion Joyeros Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    A150 Morellato Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    A153-A World Time Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    A157 Boutique Tiempo Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    A133 Relojito Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B126 Expo Joyas Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B130 Jade Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B140 Rebel Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B186 Laguna Bay Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B191 Complot Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B196 Casio Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B182 Balu Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    C102 Joyeria Infinity Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    C106 Pink Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    C115 Princess Jewelery Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    C143 Sisis Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B153 Vianney Home, Furniture, Household & Electronics
    C111 Tit‡n Home, Furniture, Household & Electronics
    C121 El Costo Home, Furniture, Household & Electronics
    C135 Steven's Home, Furniture, Household & Electronics
    A132 Factory Fashion Health & Beauty
    B101 Inst. De Belleza Salvador Health & Beauty
    C151 Hair to Wear Health & Beauty
    C152 Salvador Kids Health & Beauty
    A116 Sy & Co Handbags, Luggage, Leather & Travel
    A172 Le Baggage Handbags, Luggage, Leather & Travel
    B183 Eastpak Handbags, Luggage, Leather & Travel
    B184 Renato Cueros Handbags, Luggage, Leather & Travel
    B168 Ciao Handbags, Luggage, Leather & Travel
    a109 Bellini Footwear & Shoes
    a112 Domani Footwear & Shoes
    a131 BBB Footwear & Shoes
    a136 Traffic Footwear & Shoes
    a149 Skecher Footwear & Shoes
    a160 Shoe Plaza Footwear & Shoes
    a173 V’a Uno Footwear & Shoes
    b102 Vivi Footwear & Shoes
    b129 Merrel Footwear & Shoes
    b131 Florsheim Footwear & Shoes
    b135 Clarks Footwear & Shoes
    b149 Mr. Jones Footwear & Shoes
    b174-b Crocs Footwear & Shoes
    b194 Payless Shoesource Footwear & Shoes
    C173 Giraluna Fashion Accessories
    C111 Titan Department Stores
    C135 Steven's Department Stores
    A118/B112 Tit‡n Department Stores
    A135/B128 El Costo Department Stores
    A141/B137 Steven's Department Stores
    B103 El Machetazo Department Stores
    c116 CinŽpolis Cinema
    A101 Oh My Pet! Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    A125 TV Offer Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    A154 Lynns Hallmark Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    A155 La Casa de la Pollera Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    B110 Para’so Paname–o Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    B113 D'square Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    B120 El Emporio del Regalo Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    B143 Panama Hats Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    B185 TV Shopping Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    C117 El Hombre de La Mancha Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    C124 Juvenia Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    C148 Todo a Dollar Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    K0-09 Kotowa Coffee House CafŽ, Juice, Fruit & Ice Cream
    K1-23 Coffee Express CafŽ, Juice, Fruit & Ice Cream
    K2-09 Smootjies CafŽ, Juice, Fruit & Ice Cream
    K2-12 Frutijugos CafŽ, Juice, Fruit & Ice Cream
    K0-08 Twister Factory CafŽ, Juice, Fruit & Ice Cream
    K0-17 La Casa del Helado CafŽ, Juice, Fruit & Ice Cream
    K1-09 Antica CafŽ, Juice, Fruit & Ice Cream
    K2-11 Dairy Queen CafŽ, Juice, Fruit & Ice Cream
    K1-01 Yogen Fruz CafŽ, Juice, Fruit & Ice Cream
    A102 Budget Banks & Services
    A103 PressTo Banks & Services
    A106 Casa de Empe–os El Pe–on Banks & Services
    C112 Conexi—n Banks & Services
    C125 BAC Panama Banks & Services
    C126 Banco General Banks & Services
    C127 Banesco Banks & Services
    C128 Credicorp Banks & Services
    C129 HSBC Banks & Services
    C130 Caja de Ahorros Banks & Services
    C147 Cable Onda Banks & Services
    C174 Aerocapsa Banks & Services
    A114 Bisou Bisou Pink Women Fashion

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