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    Panama Store Directory - Multiplaza Mall

    Multiplaza Mall

    Multiplaza Pacific Mall is one of the most unique and impressive malls in Panama's city center. Here you will find over 200 stores with a huge choice of various fashions by international designers such as shoes, bags, and accessories. Additionally, you will find the latest Apple products in the Mac Store, or any other electronic store. You will also find over 30 restaurants including Italian and Japanese kitchens.

    When entering the mall ask for the Panama Shopping Card at the reception. This Shopping Card will give you discounts and deals in over a hundred stores.

    Multiplaza Pacific Mall is very conveniently located close to the Obarrio Banking District of Panama and close to hotels such as the Mariott and Hotel Riu Plaza.

    Multiplaza Mall Store Directory

    Stores open and close but we try to keep the Multiplaza Mall Store directory up to date. 

    Local Shop Category
    B-245 Adolfo Dominguez Women Fashion
    L-194 Anne Klein Women Fashion
    L-121 BCBG Women Fashion
    L-242 Carolina Herrera Women Fashion
    L-108 N1 DDP Women Fashion
    L-251 Fendi Women Fashion
    L-184 Guess Women Fashion
    B-247 La Petite Francaise Women Fashion
      Leonisa Women Fashion
    B-133 Motivi Women Fashion
      Roberto Cavalli Women Fashion
    L-167 Studio Moda Women Fashion
      Uptown Women Fashion
    B-238 White Laundry Women Fashion
      Angelca«s Corner Women Fashion
    L-185 Armani Exchange Women Fashion
    L-162 Calvin Klein Women Fashion
    A-101 Cocos Women Fashion
    L-105 Estampa Women Fashion
    L-207 Fox Men & Women Women Fashion
    B-236 Imaginarium Women Fashion
    B-255 La Senza Women Fashion
    L-147 MNG Women Fashion
    B-140 Passarela Women Fashion
    B-153 Studio F Women Fashion
    B-237 Trucco Women Fashion
      Victoria Secret Women Fashion
    L-113 Women«s Secret Women Fashion
    B-144 Audiofoto Technology & Music
    B-168 EstiGames Technology & Music
      Gamer Masters Technology & Music
    B-259 MAC Store Technology & Music
    L-146 Multimax Technology & Music
    L-115 Panafoto Technology & Music
    B-164 Sony Store Technology & Music
    L-111 Super Deportes Technology & Music
    L-114 Claro Technology & Music
    L-108 N1 Digicel Technology & Music
    B-230 Movistar Technology & Music
    B-258 Adidas Sportswear
      Champs Sport Sportswear
      Nike Men Sportswear
    L-181 Nike Woman Sportswear
    L-163 Reebok Sportswear
    L-171 Sportline America Sportswear
    L-215 Budget Rent a Car Services & Miscellaneous
    L-115 Cable&Wireless Services & Miscellaneous
    L-192 N1 Cable Onda Services & Miscellaneous
      La Tintoreria de Manuela Services & Miscellaneous
    L-213 Mail Box Etc. Services & Miscellaneous
    L-114 Riba Smith Services & Miscellaneous
    L-182 Sanrio Services & Miscellaneous
    C-350 180 View Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-13 Burger King Restaurants & Fastfood
    L-109 Cinnabon Restaurants & Fastfood
    B-253 Dairy Queen Restaurants & Fastfood
      Gelarti Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-01 Hamburguesas El Corral Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-11 La Papa Express Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-15 McDonalds Restaurants & Fastfood
    L-128 Paladar Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-08 Quiznos Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-03 Sbarro Restaurants & Fastfood
    B-147 Subway Restaurants & Fastfood
    L-242 Sushi Itto Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-14 Tamburelli Restaurants & Fastfood
    L-156 Tony Roma«s Restaurants & Fastfood
    C-333 Benihana Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-04 China Wok Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-16 Crepes & Waffles Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-10 Full Pizza Restaurants & Fastfood
    B-254 Go Green Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-06 KFC Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-02 Le–os y Carb—n Restaurants & Fastfood
    L-181 N1 Mrs Fields Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-07 Pizza Hut Restaurants & Fastfood
    L-239 Saquella CafŽ Restaurants & Fastfood
    C-338 Segafredo Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-09 Sushi Express Restaurants & Fastfood
    F-05 Taco Bell Restaurants & Fastfood
    C-350 Ten Bistro Restaurants & Fastfood
    B-239 Vz Restaurants & Fastfood
      Armani Exchange Men Fashion
    L-104 Bachio Men Fashion
      Calvin Klein Men Fashion
    B-165 Columbia Men Fashion
    L-248 Emporio Armani Men Fashion
    L-176 Faconnable Men Fashion
      Fox Men & Women Men Fashion
    B-241 Helly Hansen Men Fashion
    L-127 A Hugo Boss Men Fashion
    L-187 PB Nautica Men Fashion
    B-134 Oscar de la Renta Men Fashion
    L-193 Outdoors Men Fashion
    L-180 Perry Ellis Men Fashion
      Uptown Men Fashion
    B-137 Whoops Men Fashion
    L-193 XOXO Men Fashion
    L-140 Celio Kids
      Chic«s Place Kids
    B-139 Poppy«s Kids
    L-123 PB Porotos Kids
    L-123 N1 Bal Joyeros Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-124 PB Boutique Mercurio Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-258 Cartier Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-206 Fabrizio Giannone Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B-129 Joyeria Barakat Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-139 La Hora Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-257 Loewe Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-191 Morellato Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B-232 Pink Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-153 Swarovski Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-143 Tiempo Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-150 Tous Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
      World Time Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-236 Balucchi Preziosi Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-256 Bvlgari Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-122 Casiolandia Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
      H. Stern Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-243 Joyeria Mercurio Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B-160 Laguna Bay Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-142 MontBlanc Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-137 Omega Eurochronos Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-141 Quimera Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-188 Tendencias Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-130 Tiempo Boutique Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    B-167 TV Offer Jewelry, Watches & Accessories
    L-116 Do It Center Home, Furniture, Household & Electronics
      Itekk Home, Furniture, Household & Electronics
    B-260 Life Plus Home, Furniture, Household & Electronics
    B-161 Market House Home, Furniture, Household & Electronics
      Vianney y Accesorios Home, Furniture, Household & Electronics
      El Pago Health & Beauty
    L-178 Fitlab Health & Beauty
    B-152 GNC Health & Beauty
    B-142 Hander Salon Health & Beauty
    L-161 L«Occitane Health & Beauty
    L-145 La Nueva Rivera Health & Beauty
    B-227 La Retoucherie de Manuela Health & Beauty
    B-233 Natural Vision Health & Beauty
    L-126 Opticas Chevalier Health & Beauty
      Opticolor Health & Beauty
      Sole Health & Beauty
      Spa Health & Beauty
    L-103 Sun Times Health & Beauty
    C-301 CinŽpolis Games & Entertainment
    B-243 Aldo Footwear & Shoes
    L-168 Bellagio Footwear & Shoes
    L-107 Converse Footwear & Shoes
    L-118 Domani Footwear & Shoes
    L-138 Jimmy Choo Footwear & Shoes
    L-189 Naturalizer Footwear & Shoes
    L-117 Payless Shoes Footwear & Shoes
    L-209 Timberland Footwear & Shoes
    L-131 BBB Shoes and Boots Footwear & Shoes
    L-195 Bellini Footwear & Shoes
    L-124 N1 Crocs Footwear & Shoes
    B-257 Florsheim Footwear & Shoes
    L-180 N1 Merrel Footwear & Shoes
    B-162 Nine West Footwear & Shoes
    L-110 Skechers Footwear & Shoes
      Billabong Fashion Outdoor
    L-125 Calvin Klein Fashion Outdoor
      Diesel Fashion Outdoor
      Fox Men & Women Fashion Outdoor
    L-119 Guayabera a la Medida Fashion Outdoor
    B-235 Hilfiger Denim Fashion Outdoor
    L-165 Kenneth Cole Fashion Outdoor
    B-135 Levi«s Fashion Outdoor
    L-194 N1 Quiksilver Fashion Outdoor
    B-169 Super Dry Fashion Outdoor
      Uptown Fashion Outdoor
    L-192 ZARA Fashion Outdoor
    L-174 Buffalo Fashion Outdoor
    L-157 Croquet club Fashion Outdoor
    L-106 Flow Fashion Outdoor
    L-151 Givenchy Fashion Outdoor
      Hermes Fashion Outdoor
    B-132 IZOD Fashion Outdoor
    L-108 PB Lacoste Fashion Outdoor
    L-187 N1 Paul Frank Fashion Outdoor
    L-244 Ralph Lauren Fashion Outdoor
    L-198 Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Outdoor
    B-171 Velez Fashion Outdoor
    L-160 Furla Fashion Accessories
      Guess Fashion Accessories
    L-268 Guess Acccesories Fashion Accessories
      Hermes Fashion Accessories
    A 261 Louis Vuitton Fashion Accessories
    L-232 Mario Hernandez Fashion Accessories
    L-246 Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Accessories
    L-233 Segue Fashion Accessories
    L-112 Totto Fashion Accessories
    L-129 Felix B. Maduro Department Stores
    L-266 Sanborns Department Stores
    L-102 Steven«s Department Stores
    L-120 Lynns Hallmark Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
      Route 66 Cards, Gifts, Souvenirs & Hobbies
    B-195 El Hombre de la Mancha Books
    B-01 Banco General Banks & Services
    B-04 Citbank Banks & Services
    B-05 CrediCorp Banks & Services
    B-02 HSBC Banks & Services
    L-234 Tumi Banks & Services
      Zingara Women Fashion

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