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    Sports: Padel Courts in Panama

    Padel Courts in Panama

    Padel, the fast-growing racquet sport, has been taking the world - and Panama - by storm in recent years. It combines elements of tennis, squash, and racquetball, making it an exciting and accessible sport for players of all levels.

    For those who are new to padel, it is a game played on a court with walls and a net, similar to tennis or squash. However, the court is much smaller, and the game is played with a specific type of racquet and ball. It's a doubles game, with two players on each team, and the objective is to hit the ball over the net and onto the opponent's side of the court without it bouncing twice. Points are scored in the same way as tennis, with matches usually being played to the best of three sets.

    Panama's Padel Court Directory

    Padel courts open and close throughout Panama, but below is a list of the padel courts as we know.

    Padel Court Number of Courts Location Website
    Padel Bar Chiriqui 4 C. T Nte. Con vía Boquete Padel Bar Chiriqui Instagram
    Sinerqki 8 Av. Israel (frente Colegio Richard Neumann) Sinerqki Instagram
    Panama Padel Academy 4 Costa del Mar Panama Padel Academy Instagram
    Padel x Force Club 8 Vía Ricardo J. Alfaro calle c. 60 Padel x Force Club Instagram
    Proplay Panama 4 Ave Italia, Paitilla Proplay Panama Website
    Indoor Padel Club 4 C. Villanueva Indoor Padel Club Instagram
    Padel World Panama 4 C. Villanueva Padel World Panama Instagram
    Albrook Padel Center 4 C. Rubén Darío Albrook Padel Center Facebook
     Park & Padel  12  Calle 50 con 59 Este.   Obarrio. Park & Padel Instagram
     Hacienda Country Club  2  Vía Cerro Azul Hacienda Country Club Instagram
     Club Union Panama  1  C. Tomas Gabriel Duque Club Union Panama Instagram
    Panama Racket Club  2  Vía Israel (Behind Street Mall)  
    Sky Padel Club Panama  4  Costa Sur, Panama City Sky Padel Club Panama Instagram
    Smash Padel Club  4  San Francisco Calle 73 Smash Padel Club Instagram
     Jackie's Padel  12  Av. Las Mercedes Jackies Padel Instagram
     Santa Maria Country Club  2  Santa María Boulevard Santa Maria Country Club Instagram
     Buenaventura Sports Club  2  Buenaventura, C. 4a Buenaventura Sports Club

    Reserve your padel court

    Most padel courts in Panama use the Playtomic reservation system in which you can easily reserve a padel court. Simply choose your preferred date and time. View the reservation options on the Playtomic website

    Any questions about Padel in Panama?

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